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First, I apologize for not being more up to date with these updates. Second, thank you to all of you who continue to work with us as we navigate the reality of a post Covid world. Who would've thought that 2 years after our associate dentist left that we would still be searching for a new associate?! Certainly not us!! But the search is ongoing and we are still actively looking for a dentist to join our practice. We are hopeful that we have found some summer help to cover Dr. Guthrie's vacation time and I will update when that is finalized.

We are excited to let you know that our side door (our handicapped entrance) has FINALLY been repaired. We again have access for those unable to come in the front door with the steps. The new doorway is now a little wider and better able to accommodate wheelchairs. If you had to cancel your appointment due to accessibility issues, please call the office to reschedule. (Pictures are on Facebook of the accident in Jan 23 that damaged the side of the building)

As we enter summer, we are all excited to enjoy the nice weather and all that summer has to offer! Part of the joys and challenges of summer is the vacation season. So, added to our other scheduling challenges is the fact that you, our staff and Dr. Guthrie all have vacations scheduled. There will be times when Dr. Guthrie is not in the office, we will take care of your dental needs as best we can whether that is with a dentist in our office, an area dentist willing to help us with emergency coverage or our staff taking care of what we are able to do.  

 We thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we try to get everyone taken care of as best we can. We know that the wait times are not what any of us want, but we DO call if we put you on a wait list for openings. If you are told that we are putting you on a sooner if possible list, please know that we DO contact people on that list whenever we have openings. If you are on that list, please be sure we have the best way to reach you and if you see that you've missed a call from us, please contact us right away. Our list is long and we can not leave a message and wait for you to call us back. We have to move on so that no space goes wasted. If you aren't available, you will remain on the list for the next opportunity.

Also, due to only having one dentist in the office, we are still unable to take new patients. Again, not what we want but what we have to do in order to take care of the people we are already seeing. There is simply not room in the schedule to add new people to the practice. We are, of course, hopeful that will change sooner than later.  ---Crystal

UPDATE 6/22/22:

There have been a few things going on here over the past few months. We are still in search of an associate dentist. While we have interviewed several, none have seemed to be the right fit---a decision that rests with the candidate as well as us--so we are continuing to look for prospective dentists and truly hope to find someone soon. 

The previous paragraph leads to this one. Having one dentist covering the patient load of two dentists leads to a backlog of people needing to get an appointment. We completely understand each of you have concerns and want/need to see Dr. Guthrie as soon as possible. We WANT to schedule you with him as soon as possible!! Unfortunately, we have to ask you to be patient with us as the soonest appointment is most likely not going to be within a day or two---or with vacations a week or two. If you are not in pain or swollen, we are going to prioritize those who are in pain or swollen. We will tell you that we will put you on our sooner if possible list and we DO call people on that list whenever we have an opening!! To help with that, IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!! We have a LOT of other people who need that time!!

We are also short staffed in the front office area as one of our staff members is out of the office for the rest of the summer due to health issues and another is moving on to a new opportunity. We are moving people to other areas to try to keep everything flowing as it should, but if you were expecting to hear from us about a treatment plan or insurance concern and you haven't, please call or email the office and we will check the status and do what we need to in order to take care of your concern. I (Crystal) am doing a lot less hygiene this summer to cover more front office tasks, so if you are normally scheduled with me, you are likely to be seeing one of our other wonderful hygienists. 

Dr. Guthrie and our entire staff thank you for your continued understanding and patience as we maneuver through the challenges.



We currently have our patient health history and HIPAA signature forms here under the patient information tab that redirects you to the online forms to fill out and submit to us electronically.  Also, as we begin to work with eforms for our patient history forms as we transition to chartless you may get an email from our office with a link to fill out forms prior to your appointment. Even established patients will be asked for information we may already have so it is entered into the new program. Please bear with us during this transition and give us feedback.

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